Manitou - "In The Garden Of The Gods"

Manitou - "In The Garden Of The Gods"

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In 2007, mountain dulcimer legend Robert Force gathered together a supergroup of unique folk musicians for a musical powwow in Manitou Springs, Colorado.  Robert, along with Bing Futch, Quentin Stephens and Bud Ford III handled mountain dulcimer duties while Dave Batti provided acoustic bass guitar, Roger Zimish arrived on guitar and Judy Piazza rounded out the septet on world percussion, Native American flute and vocals. The group then hiked into The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs early one morning, set up in a circle and, with cameras and recorders rolling, proceeded to improvise for two hours.

The result is what's being called "tribal fusion", a shape-shifting, ambient album of jubilation, reflection and melodic/rhythmic re-birth.  "In The Garden Of The Gods" is unlike any album you've ever heard before; it simply defies description.  Let it be said that those who hear it are transformed and transported to the valley of red stones where seven musicians tapped into the history of the place, siphoning energy, tones and spirit.

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