Bing Futch - "What's Old Becomes New Again"

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On January 26th, 2016, Bing Futch entered legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee and recorded 14 songs with just vocals and mountain dulcimer.  With the photos of legends like Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis looking on, Bing dug deep into his songwriting archive and pulled up a variety of tunes that had either been dropped from the set-list, forgotten, or demoed but never recorded or released.  These include "Talking" from 1987 (originally released when he was 21 years old), "This Cool" from 1992 (never released), "L'ermitage" (never recorded), "Georgia Peach" and "Black Indian" (from Mohave's 2000 release Spider Rock) and a handful of covers by Tonio K., Bruce Springsteen and Koko Taylor.

The idea behind the album was to take a second look at older material with a new interpretation.  Most of the tracks were recorded in one take with no overdubs; just a raw snapshot of the artist taking some musical history, revisiting it and giving it a new infusion of insight and energy!