Bing Futch - "Return Of Live At Old Songs"

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The everlovin' sequel to the best-selling debut live album from Bing Futch marks a return to The Old Dutch Barn at the Old Songs Festival in Altamont, New York.  Recorded in June of 2015, this album proves that lightning can strike twice in the same place with an uproarious concert featuring a host of new tunes, some old favorites, another great audience and a musical experience that shows exactly what makes Bing such an entertaining hit with crowds everywhere.  From his casual, intimate approach to setting the stage to his "everything but the kitchen sink" approach to a set list, Bing once again takes the crowd on a sweetly fast and slightly furious journey into the world of folk music, blending traditional mountain and Celtic music with African, Latin and Polynesian influences.

There's some blues ("Red Headed Lover", "The Flip Side"), some country, ("Simon Brothers Mercantile"), a little Hawaiian music ("Hawaiian War Chant", "Hukilau"),  sultry Spanish grooves ("Sway"), a whole bunch of old-time fiddle tunes and the first live recording of his popular Native American flute tune "Sweet River."  With more audience interaction, good humor and a constantly shifting narrative, "Return Of Live At Old Songs" revisits the well and comes back with even more good musical returns!