Bing Futch - "Mountain Dulcimer In The Band (Book 3)"

Bing Futch - "Mountain Dulcimer In The Band (Book 3)"

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Book 3 in the "Mountain Dulcimer In The Band" series is now available! Like the other books in the series, it comes with two CDs of leads and backing tracks so you can play along! Featuring insights into ensemble playing technique, the book also allows solo musicians the freedom to explore new approaches to improvisation while having fun as the lead player in the band. Tunes include "Scarborough Fair", "Sandy Boys", Swallowtail Jig", "Buffalo Gals", "Golden Slippers", "Angeline The Baker", "Whiskey Before Breakfast", "Liza Jane", "Cripple Creek", "Shady Grove"and more! 


 "Mes Parents"- lead tracks - 3:18 (3 mb)

 "Mes Parents"- backing tracks - 3:18 (3 mb)

 "Mes Parents"- sheet music - (1.3 mb)


 "Shady Grove"- lead tracks - 3:22 (3.1 mb)

 "Shady Grove"- backing tracks - 3:22 (3.1 mb)

 "Shady Grove"- sheet music - (1 mb)


Listen to the lead tracks, follow along with the sheet music and then, once you've got the hang of it, play with the backing tracks!

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