Bing Futch - "Dive!"

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Five years in the making, this epic release is the folow-up to 2007's "Dulcimer Rock", which featured mountain dulcimer in unusual musical settings.  "DIVE!" continues that tradition, though it's not a "dulcimer" album by any means.  Rather, the focus is on the songwriting, arranging and production which results in a roller-coaster ride of styles and emotions. 

"DIVE!" is about trying to feel again by diving down deep into the primal nature at our core and confront the demons that relentlessly follow us as shadows. Alternately hilarious and heartbreaking, rocking and rodeo-ing, Bing digs down into  his own past and works through the loose threads of feelings using whatever music fits the heart of the song.  There's country and rock, techno and world beat, pop and folk and much more!