AutoBass Mini
AutoBass Mini

AutoBass Mini

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For anyone who's ever wanted to play the bass in their band, church or jam circle! Created for those in search of a beautifully sounding bass instrument that’s easy and fun to play. Eight touch switches on the fingerboard communicate with microprocessor-based electronics to produce high quality, perfectly tuned notes In the musical key selected by a dial on the back of the instrument. Similar to the autoharp, you can enjoy the push-button string sound and ease of play. 

A quality bass sound in a globe-trotting travel size. That’s the Auto Bass mini!

Creator, Dave Senften, has designed a travel friendly version for those looking to add the sound of the bass instrument to your group, but also needing a scaled down size that can go with you any time, any where.

Looking for intense sound? The mini offers an amp jack for a quick sound hookup so you can generate a loudspeaker effect.

Looking for softer sound? A headphone jack on the instrument’s side gives you the option of practicing on your own without the background noise.

If you need a beautiful bass sound that is big or small, the mini has it all.