Bing Futch - "Milagro Canyon Jam Trax Volume Two: Mountain Dulcimer Edition"

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This second edition of the popular jam tracks series was created specifically for mountain dulcimer players who want to improve their skills in chording and creating melodies on the fly. 

Each track is in a mountain-dulcimer friendly key, allowing for musical explorations all across the fret board.  The arrangements vary in style, time signature and feel, yet all were produced to minimize chord movement and maximize backgrounds so that players can explore playing different chord shapes and improvising melodies.  There is a section at the beginning of the book with tips on how to "know the territory" in music theory and 23 tracks in 10 different keys give you almost two hours of jam time as you practice along with Bing's produced cuts.

Check out a sampler of three tracks and 16 pages from the book below.  

"Milagro Canyon Jam Trax Volume Two" - SAMPLER! - Click Here To Download File