Bing Futch - Method For Bass Mountain Dulcimer

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The newest book in the "Fingers of Steel" series offers a comprehensive approach to playing the bass mountain dulcimer.  More and more people are picking up this instrument to play with their dulcimer groups or provide support in the jam. They're also using it to perform with other instruments and record their own music!  Learn the basics of arrangements and where the bass fits in the big picture.  Discover full-color charts and exercises designed to get you familiar with the notes, patterns and techniques of playing bass for an ensemble or band.  Also featured is a section on amplification, equipment, cables and special gear that is a must for serious bass players.

Over 3 hours of audio tracks provides useful experience in learning how to follow chord changes, choose suitable rhythms and add connecting phrases that compliment the arrangement.  Having started his professional music career on bass guitar in 1984, Bing draws upon 34 years of performing and recording experience as he introduces different bass techniques in a number of genres.  Players will find a solid method here for performing with the bass mountain dulcimer in any given situation!


Order your copy before the official release date and Bing will personalize and autograph your book!  "Method For Bass Mountain Dulcimer" is scheduled to begin shipping January 20th, 2018. 

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