Bing Futch - "Discovering Native American Flute"

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Bing Futch shares his method for learning to play Native American flute in this brand-new instructional book.  Loaded with helpful insight into the nature of this beautiful and haunting instrument, the book takes a balanced approach to guiding the player on their musical journey.  Starting off with the pure, simple joy of breathing into the flute and finding your way through those first few melodies and then shoring up the exercises with easy-to-understand music theory explanations.

Over 3 hours of recorded demos and backing tracks are included.  Check out a selection of pages of the book, along with MP3 files, at the link below:

"Discovering Native American Flute" - SAMPLER (zip archive)

Learn how to breathe properly and draw inspiration from nature.  Discover how to assemble melodies, tell stories, create the sounds of wildlife and enjoy hours of playing with your own backing ensemble!  This book will get you started and provide you with a solid foundation for discovering the Native American flute.