Bing Futch - "All Over The Map"

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Bing's first mountain dulcimer book presents a collection of songs that cover a wide range of genres and styles.  A sort of companion book to his first mountain dulcimer release "Dulcimerica: Volume 1", this collection of 20 tunes features many pieces that were featured on that album including"Swing Low Sweet Chariot/He's Got The Whole World In His Hand", "Please Bury Me By The River Shannon", "This Road This Moment", "Gold Trails Hotel", "From The Hills To The Sea", "'Tis Only Faire" and "Sunday Morning."  Most of those tunes are original compositions and they are joined here by some of Bing's other works including "Summer At The Fair", "Seminole Solstice", "Amazing Grace (Miles To Go)", "I Cried For Days", "The Pirate O'Reilly", "Minutes From Manitou" and"Garden of the Gods."

There is also an eclectic array of arrangements ranging from the traditional ("John Henry", "Juke Joint Hen") and not-so-traditional ("Sandy River Elfman") to the inspirational ("We Shall Overcome") and downright cinematic ("Theme From 'Jurassic Park'", "Old Yeller.")