Bing Futch - The Improv Files: Year One

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The first double-album from Bing Futch, The Improv Files: Year One is a wide-open exploration of sounds and colors on the Appalachian mountain dulcimer.  

Starting in March 2017, Bing began releasing monthly 4-song EPs to his followers on Patreon and, after a full year of recording, amassed a whopping four and a half hours of improvisational music.  The basic idea was to take the Zoom H4n Handy Recorder, press "record" and then go with the flow, creating an original track on the fly four times a month.

The portable nature of the H4n made it possible to record in many different environments including studio, motorhome, beach side, deep in the forest and even during Hurricane Irma.

The result is a freewheeling and ground-breaking journey into the different moods and modes of the mountain dulcimer.  There's rabbit-chasin' fiddle tunes and medieval waltzes, peaceful movements and crystal melodies, full-throated baritone/bass musings and deep-south slide and flatpicked blues.

This two-disc set includes a special triptych foldout design with notes on each track.   

Harlem Night Walk

Take Off Down That Road



Disc 1

1. Pinewoods Intro

2. Take Off Down That Road

3. Indiana Summer Solstice

4. Harlem Night Walk

5. Sunshine In My Face

6. Big Apple Rush

7. Because This Bird Has Flown

8. Bottom Of The Evening To Ya

9. Moondancer Serenade

10. Bella Dolce Lullabye

11. Alone To Dance

12. Pickin' In The Kitchen


Disc 2

1. Fly, Eagle Of Nittany

2. Home For The Hurricanes

3. So In Love

4. Springtime Frolic

5. Trucking Through The Underbrushy

6. Blue Water Black

7. The Telling of Forest Chalice

8. Not Even A Mouse

9. Swifter Than The Moon's Sphere

10. Frost On The Pumpkin

11. The Saga Of The Traveler