Bing Futch - "Live From Ditty TV"

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After winning the 2014 Central Florida Blues Challenge, Bing was entered into the 2015 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN;  the largest gathering of blues musicians in the world.  After receiving an e-mail sent out to IBC competitors offering a live concert to be broadcast on the internet by Americana music network Ditty TV, Bing signed up for an 11 am slot on Wednesday, January 22nd and went down to the Memphis-based studio, not knowing where it would eventually lead.

Once sound-checked, the cameras began rolling and the music began; an all-blues set featuring tunes that would later earn Bing the distinction of becoming the first mountain dulcimer player in the history of the IBC to advance to the semi-final round.  During the show, while making music and being interviewed by the affable Rev. Neil Down, something happened back in the the control room that resulted in Bing being offered his very own video show to host on the network called "Rhythm Roots."

This is the set that introduced the Ditty TV producers to Bing's down-home music and likewise down-home personality.  It's a fun and breezy collection of music, stories and folk music history that has aired on the network and is finally available on both CD and DVD!  See how it all started with this delightful double-set that served as a warm-up to the competition later that evening.  A must for fans of Bing's blues music and teaching!