Bing Futch - "Dulcimerica: Volume 3"

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Inspired by the sights, sounds and sensations of cross-country travel in America, Bing has recorded an album of mountain dulcimer music that takes listeners on a soaring travelog through time and space.  "Dulcimerica: Volume 3" is the latest in a series of releases that present both traditional and modern spins on time-honored tunes as well as Bing's signature originals.  The record kicks off with the softly epic "Ascension", a 16-minute journey written to convey the sensations, and emotions, of flying in a hot-air balloon.  There are traditional fiddle tunes ("John Stinson's #2/Hangman's Reel"),  sweet Hawaiian ballads ("White Sandy Beach"),  mystical acoustic orchestrations ("Day At Trough Creek"), classic tunes re-born as pop songs ("Shady Groove") and Latin/Carribbean dance rave-ups ("New Year's Night".)  Some of Bing's most popular performance pieces are here as well, including tracks from the motion pictures "Beauty and the Beast" and the epic theme from "The Last of the Mohicans." 

From contemplative solo mountain dulcimer to full-band arrangements to all-out symphonic arrangements, this is an album that demonstrates the versatility of the dulcimer as it leads the way flanked by Native American flute, baritone and chromatic dulcimer, drums, keyboards, guitars and more!  It's an hour-long trip, fueled by heart and soul, onto the highways and by-ways of Dulcimerica.